quinta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2010

Love song for no one,

"Staying home alone on a Friday,
Flat on the floor looking back
On old love,
Or lack thereof.
After all the crushes are faded,
And all my wishful thinking was wrong,
I'm jaded,
I hate it.
I'm tired of being alone
So hurry up and get here
So tired of being alone....

Until then, I'll hide in my bedroom
Staying up all night just to write
A love song for no one
I could have met you in a sandbox,
I could have passed you on the sidewalk,
Could I have missed my chance,
And watched you walk away?" (John Mayer)

Eu descobri, que se eu estiver bem não vou ter o que escrever, preciso de estar triste pelo menos uma vez na semana, para dar valor a felicidade.....